Rue de Tokyo essentials - A tactile experience

Photography Thomas Olafsson

Models Baixiang Chen, Lavinia Marcu, James Eken



Picture:Tristan White logo t-shirt

From the refined visual features to the final dressing experience, Rue de Tokyo’s essential pieces perfectly merge the Scandinavian demure design with the Japanese focus on perfection and quality. Meticulously crafted in the beautiful land of Portugal, the garments speak for themselves while being discovered by the wearer, unveiling the unique feeling you get when touching the 100% organic cotton jersey fabric. 

Gently draping over the body, they can easily sketch either an elegant look or a casual approach, simply letting your personality lead the outfit. Shades of rosy sand, pearl white, navy blue and soft greys will always remind about the calm nostalgic seaside, portraying the perfect escape from the city life. 

Picture:Tice Rosa Hoodie

The Rue de Tokyo “Mother of pearl” signature detail laying at the back of the neckline or in the lower side corner, can be perceived as a stress relieving talisman, that is meant to bring back emotional harmony, as well as stimulate the imagination and sensitivity.


Picture:Treves Logo t-shirt

Be it embroidered or merely printed in multiple shapes and sizes, the Rue de Tokyo branding still remains demure in the feeling and style, but also bringing an elegant twist to the garments. In other words, a Rue de Tokyo essential item, will not only make you look good, but most importantly will make you feel at ease, taking things in your own rhythm, while being at peace with yourself, enjoying a unique tactile experience. 


Picture: Trace Logo Hoodie