In Paris, Sunday is a day of rest. As the afternoon sun illuminates the Hausmannian stone, a palette of calm settles on the streets as Parisians softly tread the pavements.
Rue de Tokyo is inspired by these intimate moments of discovery. A natural elegance, a sense of calm and absolute timelessness. Moments that simultaneously reflect the Japanese approach to creating the world’s finest textiles, with the utmost respect for the client who will wear them.
Rue de Tokyo is a universe created for those who seek the finest expressions of creativity, craftsmanship and design, who choose products that are unique, who wear their labels on the inside. Inspired by the classicism of Parisian style and the inherent beauty of Japanese materials, Rue de Tokyo respects art over commerce, elegance over extremity.
A deep respect for architecture, texture, travel and culture will inspire Rue de Tokyo to create meaningful collections for global nomads that compliment a life lived well.
Established in 2016, Rue de Tokyo develop the world’s finest fabrics and yarns to create everyday products of exception.
From Japan, we are inspired by an unrivalled attention to detail and quest for perfection. From France, a commitment to craftsmanship and respect for the arts. From both, a quiet beauty and respect for ultimate design and comfort. The result is a collection of unique textiles developed into covetable products for men, women and children.
Rue de Tokyo is a brand that seamlessly complements modern life in global cities. The perfect fabric, the perfect fit, the right colour. A brand that travels well from city streets to windy beaches to winding roads.