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Style – Basic t-shirt
Color: White
Trim details:
Closing details:
Composition: 100% japanese organic cotton
Made in Europe
Style ID: 22-2 009 07 5005 001
Size: xxs-xxl
Product measurements:
Chest width: 96cm
Waist width: 80cm
Hip width: 98cm
Inseam length: 84,2cm
Fit description: Loose soft fit
Model wears size: M
Care guide:

As an homage to our all-time inspiration from the Japanese design, culture and renowned premium textiles, the fabric you are holding is carefully produced in Japan using old Japanese machinery that gives a unique narrow width, look, and feel to the garment.

Carefully grown in the relaxed rhythm orchestrated by nature, our organic cotton not only preserves its unique softness through time. It also supports the local farmers and natural habitats it grows in by mindfully keeping the natural reserves.

Being part of this journey, you invest in quality, a lengthy lifespan, and a healthy production.

At Rue de Tokyo we have a passion for qualitative production, and we have a close relationship to our factories to ensure a high attention to detail. We are close to the origins of our products and in direct communication with our suppliers, assuring that the assembling journey for this garment starts and ends in Europe.

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