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49 DKK

If you need to send an item back to us, you can buy a return label here by following the instructions below.

If your are placed in Denmark you will receive an e-mail with a download for a QR code, which you need to show when you hand over the package in a Parcel Shop. They will print the return label for you. This only applies in Parcel-Shops cooperating with GLS.


If you are placed in The Netherlands,Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Austria or Finland you will received an e-mail with a download for a regular return label, which you have to print yourself.

Your return shipment is of course climate compensated.

  1. Select country
  2. You will receive an e-mail with an order confirmation - this is NOT your return QR code or return label.
  3. You will receive an additional email from Webshipper with a link to download the QR code or the return label.
  4. Pack your return order securely.
  5. If the shipping bag has a used shipping label on already, please make sure this is either removed or covered with the new label - otherwise you risk the return shipment coming back to you, and not to us
  6. Show the QR code in the Package Shop to have it printed.
  7. If you have lost our return slip, you can find it here.

If you find that you do not receive the e-mail - check your spam filter

If you are not located in one of the countries listed above, all returns must be handled at your own expense. Please be aware of that we do not accept packages sent Collect On Delivery.

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