The fine details and tactility of our limited series garments are created from our love of craftmanship and fine materials. Designed to last and with the world´s resources in mind the textiles are carefully handpicked and meant to accompany you for many years to come. 

All limited series garments have an information label, stating the total amount of product produced and what number in the batch you’ve got in your hands. 



Carefully grown in the relaxed rhythm orchestrated by nature, our organic cotton not only preserves its unique softness through time. It also supports the local farmers and natural habitats it grows in by mindfully keeping the natural reserves. Being part of this journey, you invest in quality, a lengthy lifespan, and a healthy production. 



As an homage to our all-time inspiration from the Japanese design, culture and renowned premium textiles, these products are carefully produced in Japan using old Japanese machinery that gives a unique narrow width, look, and feel to the garment. 



Focusing on superior quality, durability and a passion for tailoring, our Italian fabric garments are designed and produced in Italy by manufacturers that use their centuries of expertise and high standard controls for you to be able to enjoy this product for many years to come. 



The textile of these garments benefit from a particular dyeing process and treatment that give it a natural appearance. When looking closely, shades and overall consistency are let to run free as they make up a unique result and character.  



At Rue de Tokyo we have a passion for qualitative production, and we have a close relationship to our factories to ensure a high attention to detail. We are close to the origins of our products and in direct communication with our suppliers, assuring that the assembling journey for this garment starts and ends in Europe.  



BCI stands for Better Cotton Initiative. Their goal is to make cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and to make the future of this sector of the industry more sustainable. At Rue De Tokyo, the majority of our cotton products are made from BCI cotton, and is always Europe produced. 



At Rue De Tokyo we use corozo buttons on all our BCI cotton products. Corozo is a 100% natural, and degradable product, made from the nut that grows on the Tague tree. The Corozo button can only be produced form a ripe nut which has naturally fallen from the tree. Its natural harvesting and biodegradability make it one of the most sustainable raw materials used for buttons. Despite the name, the corozo nut is actually a fruit. The material for the button is crafted from the liquid that the fruit produces once ripe, which then solidifies into a hard substance. Close up, corozo is structured from very dense organic fibers that provide high durability and resistance to damage or scratches. And since the material is 100% organic, no two buttons look the same. 



Our non-iron poplin quality is effortless luxury for your wardrobe. All our non-iron products are 100% cotton poplin and manufactured in Europe. They are produced from an 80 x 2 yarn count and have been through a non-iron treatment, making the fabric both durable and fine. 



The seersucker fabric is key for Rue de Tokyo, due to its comfortable fit and soft crisp touch. We use the finest Portuguese seersucker fabric for our production, recently further developed to be even more exquisite, finished with mother of pearl buttons. 



Made from high quality Italian made Marzotto Tessuti  wool, for a refined finish, our tailoring wool programe is our take on a great everyday suit. 

Since 1836, Marzotto Tessuti has through Italian fabric tradition, craftmanship and technology research strived to create the best quality fabrics, something we at Rue De Tokyo love to work with. 



The soft baby corduroy in our collections is GOTS certified and produced in Spain. Always cut and produced in Europe, ensuring a product that lives up to our Rue de Tokyo standards. 



At Rue De Tokyo we love working with single material fabric due to the pureness of the product, but also due to the use and reuse abilities. Our 100% silk designs made in Silk Crepe de Chine fabric is woven with a certain technique, giving it an exquisite structure, and making it more durable than regular silk. 



Our cashmere silk program is one of our most loved, and an Rue de Tokyo evergreen. A light and incredibly soft knit, with a woolly look and warming qualities. 

The knit is produced in inner Mongolia with a unique method, where the cashmere gets spun around the silk thread, creating a high-quality yarn. 25% silk thread and 75% cashmere. 



Knitted in inner Mongolia, all our Rue De Tokyo 100% extra fine merino wool products are Oeko-tex certified and machine washable.