Rue de Tokyo x Bevar Ukraine

One hundred and fifty days and counting: still the situation in Ukraine remains critical, dangerous and nightmarish and still with no sign of a resolution. In an attempt to keep continued focus and attention on this humanitarian disaster and at the same time raise much needed money to help alleviate the very real suffering that this conflict is causing, Rue de Tokyo is joining forces with support organisation Bevar Ukraine to offer a special capsule collection launched during Copenhagen Fashion Week.


As millions of Ukrainians are forced to leave their homes and as onlookers from outside the country try to imagine the horror of losing such basic comfort and security, Rue de Tokyo decided to include these special pieces as part of the MAISON collection to highlight the importance of the home to all of us.  

Made from GOTS certified cotton, a set of unisex pyjamas alongside bedlinen and pillow covers will be offered in solid blue and yellow - the colours of the Ukrainian flag that have become a symbol of resistance and support - and also in a unique tie-dyed technique.


All proftis from the sales of these special pieces will be donated to Bevar Ukraine to support the Ukrainian people and help them get their own homes back.