Rue De Tokyo | Maison

With a deep-rooted passion for architecture and interior design, Rue De Tokyo Creative Director David Andersson Sahlin, launched a new lifestyle concept in 2021, bringing home and interior aesthetics into the creative brand universe.

Known for its’ exquisite attention to details and thoughtfully crafted garments, Rue de Tokyo’s Maison collections bring the same high quality into your home.

Material and texture have always been of great importance in my creative process and will always be present in my design. And with Maison I can play with other needs and forms, creating something new without compromising with the quality choice of fabric that I want to work with.

Aiming to create home collections where premium fabrics is paramount, Rue de Tokyo Maison portrays elements that are meant to make you feel at ease in the comfort of your own home.

Crisp bedlinen and sleep wear in relaxed structures from a light colour palette, designed for impeccable comfort and everyday luxury, all carefully crafted, and produced in Europe.

A tactile journey at home, Rue De Tokyo Maison is a product of passionate people with a keen eye for design, shapes and textures. Keeping us curious and creative, and keeping you inspired and highly comfortable.