Morten Halberg-Møller - Bricks Gallery

Morten Halberg-Møller is the founder and owner of the art shop Limited Works as well as Bricks Gallery. - I wanted to create a space where you could come, casually, from any layer of society and various levels of art knowledge, and feel comfortable enough to ask questions, look at - and buy – art that impacts you. Maybe even your first original piece.

- I’ve always done things my own way and have in some ways taken the back door into being a gallerist I’d say. I’ve never studied art history, but I have a passion for expression and the creative people in society – so, being good at conveying a feeling and a story, with a background in promotion this was in a way combining my passion with my experience and talent

- The feeling of and craft behind things has always been important for me, in design but also in what I choose to wear.To me it´s as simple as life quality, choosing the good craft. Having a good pillow, a quality shower head or fine material clothes. 

- What truly drives me is the meeting with the artists. Spending time with them and understanding their thought pattern, helping them develop and elevating their careers. Many gallerists do cool business, and so do we - but I like the insight I get into the world of the individual artists. I regularly house various artists in my gallery, renting a room to them. It is a fantastic way to gain insight to their creative processes, something I’d really recommend