Caroline Sillesen - Atelier Axo & Corali

Caroline Sillesen is an Architect MAA, graduated from The Royal Danish Academy, and has always had a flair for the creative. - Ever since I can remember, I would sit quietly and paint or draw for hours, whenever I had the chance. Today Caroline draws on her creative abilities as a partner in Atelier Axo, which she founded with designer Rose Hermansen, and when she creates jewelry under the name Corali.

- Corali was something that emerged naturally. I launched it officially in 2017 after having been playing around with it for two years. Working with tiny things when building architectural models. Sometimes a small sculpture 1:50 could be an earring in 1:1. To me, jewelry and architecture works together across scale. Both jewelry and architecture are quite slow creative processes. Something I love about them.

- I love that architecture is somehow bigger than us. Its time frame, durability and scale. Architecture works with both physical settings and invisible phenomena. You can touch a wall, see the light and hear the door open, but sometimes architecture also makes you feel something. It sets a mood. Adds an ephemeral atmosphere at a specific time during the day. It sets the frame for how we live our lives. 

- When working with materials, I always find it interesting, how they in a way are a cocreator to what you are developing. The material can limit you, yet it can move you somewhere else with your design throughout the process. Like for me, I work with 24k gold and sterling silver, two materials that have weight to them and therefore needs to be well-balanced to work as a finished product. One must always find the center of gravity, to create a good design